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By: Jason Wiff, CMO & Co-founder, BeCause

Companies often rebrand as a means of refreshing their image, reconnect with an ever-changing customer base, or in the most extreme of cases, mitigate a crisis.

In the case of ‘hoodHeroes, now, we simply wanted to create a brand that represents the expanse that we fill between companies, stakeholders, and the often-confusing cloud of sustainability ideologies that never seem to accurately, nor effectively connect these players.

This expanse in the world of business sustainability, while confusing to many due to the complex, overlapping ambitions, goals and outcomes, found a home in a…

Two doves, gray in color, can be seen most mornings from the garden where I join my team meetings. Being a Danish company, the lively, thoughtful, mostly-remote company discussions of their afternoons add color and energy to my mornings. In between meetings and cups of coffee, I watch these doves care for one another. Equal in size, one gathers its findings from the property as the other watches over until the sun rises and they disappear. I cannot help but envy their care; their compassion, attention to one another, and their extremely relaxed approach to my presence.

Today marks the…

We all have them. We grab them out of eagerness or we accumulate them over years of dedicated work. If you’re like me you can’t count the number of pens, cups, bags, calendars, measurement tools, bike seat covers, etc. that are promoting a business, political figure, or service. However, if you’re also like me, you fear to rid yourself of these items because they’ll eventually end up in a landfill.

In an age of terms such as ‘sustainable brands,’ ‘sustainability in business,’ and ‘product lifecycle’ it is often easy to overlook some of the most culturally-impactful products that we use…


BeCause Hub helps show, share & compare your company’s sustainability journey - assemble, organize, and distribute it all from one place.

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